Tools to Generate Better Leads, Close More Deals & Lead your Team more Effectively

The Tools You Need to Build Your Business

Good news… you don’t need to drop $200K on an Ivy League MBA. You can learn to begin building your business very quickly. You just need access to some no-B*ll Sh*t information to help build your business.

Imagine having a professional toolbox, literally in your pocket, that provides the right tools at the right time.

All classes are available 24/7 to help you...

  • Win Higher Paying Clients
  • Identify High-Impact 'To-do Items'
  • Uncover Underlying Business Problems
  • Increase Sales with Networking Techniques
  • Avoid Lowering your Price in Negotiations
  • Unify your Team and Maintain Focus
  • Deal with Difficult Employees
  • Improve Team Performance, plus much more

"Larry's courses may be the best bang for the buck in the sales & training universe. He has a deep practical knowledge of sales psychology that connects and supports his whole approach, and he teaches/trains in a way that has immediate practical impact. For those who want to sharpen their skills, I recommend Neo-Sage without reservation.

- George Bischof, Founding Partner, Bischof and Bischof PLLC

THE TOOLBOX: 65 Individual Classes in 9 Courses:

The Fundamentals of Business Growth
Steps to Start and/or Grow a Small Business
Larry Sharpe
How to Change or Advance your Career
Guidance, from Choosing your Career Path to the 1st Day on the Job
Larry Sharpe
How to Act Like a Leader
Learn What It Means to be Good Leader and How to Lead with Confidence
Larry Sharpe
How to Maintain Focus & Motivation
Learn to Uncover Problems and Make Progress with Better Decision-Making and Goal-Setting
Larry Sharpe
How to Improve Team Performance
Develop your Leadership Skills and Enhance your Team's Performance
Larry Sharpe
How to Get Better Leads
Improve the Quality of your Leads with Specific & Easy to Follow Techniques
Larry Sharpe
How to Close Deals at a Higher Price
Create Stronger Proposals, Run Effective Sales Meetings & Negotiate Higher Price Points
Larry Sharpe
How to Deal with Angry Customers
Because every business has to deal with unhappy customers
Larry Sharpe
How to Succeed with Network Marketing
Learn to Choose, Build & Scale an MLM Business and then... How to Take it to the Next Level
Larry Sharpe

Additional cost for future courses: $0

"Larry has managed to capture the essence of leadership, and more importantly found a method to communicate that essence to all levels of management. The coursework is interesting, thought provoking, and interactive, filled with many "ah-ha" moments. I'm really glad I didn't let my skepticism get the best of me, as my interaction with senior management and subordinates has clearly improved."

- Mark Aarons, V.P. & Deputy General Counsel, Modell's Sporting Goods

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