Full Access to 9 Series, over 20 Courses and 60+ Individual Lessons

Methods to Meet Common Business Challenges

Lack of time, resources & information often prevent us from making consistent progress. Follow simple methods that enable you to take action and keep your business moving forward.

The Forum gives you the tools to...

  • Deal with uncertainty
  • Manage teams more effectively
  • Maintain efficiency despite daily distractions
  • Build more value into your proposals and negotiations
  • Overcome common workplace challenges

Your Instructor

Larry Sharpe
Larry Sharpe

Meet Larry Sharpe - the Managing Director of the Neo-Sage® Group, Inc. He has trained hundreds of entrepreneurs, executives, leaders, lawyers and reps from companies around the world. He's spoken at venues across the US, Europe, Asia and has taught at some of the nations top universities.

Larry founded Neo-Sage® in 2004 and has been training top-tier professionals across many industries including: finance, law, technology, media, retail, real estate, luxury, government and healthcare.

Includes Access to these Courses:

Business Growth Fundamentals
Steps to Start and/or Grow a Small Business
Larry Sharpe
How to Get Better Leads
Improve the Quality of your Leads with Specific & Easy to Follow Techniques
Larry Sharpe
How to Close Deals at a Higher Price
Create Stronger Proposals, Run Effective Sales Meetings & Negotiate Higher Price Points
Larry Sharpe
How to Improve Leadership Skills
Develop your Leadership Skills and Enhance your Team's Performance
Larry Sharpe
How to Make Decisions and Set Goals
Develop your Leadership Skills and Enhance your Team's Performance
Larry Sharpe
How to Improve Team Performance
Develop your Leadership Skills and Enhance your Team's Performance
Larry Sharpe
How to Change or Advance your Career
Guidance, from Choosing your Career Path to the 1st Day on the Job
Larry Sharpe
How to Deal with Angry Customers
Because every business has to deal with unhappy customers
Larry Sharpe
How to Succeed in Network Marketing
Learn to Choose, Build & Scale an MLM Business and How to Take it to the Next Level
Larry Sharpe

Price for All Courses: $710

Because Your Business Can’t Stop When You Don’t Know What To Do Next

» Identify & Focus on Tasks that Make the Most Impact

» Know How to Make Decisions with Limited Information

» Build Value in Proposals & Win Higher Paying Clients

» Set Better Team Goals & Keep Moving in the Right Direction

» Use a Process to Negotiate Better & Close More Effectively

» Deal with Difficult Employees & Improve Performance

Build the Skills Needed to Keep Moving

Frequently Asked Questions

How many courses are available?
There are over 20 courses, (50 individual lessons) across 4 tracks: Leadership Development, Sales Training, Small Business and Career Development, with new courses added each month.
How long do I have access to each course?
Forever. As long as you maintain an active membership, you have access to all Neo-Sage Courses. The only reason that courses are removed is to replace them with updated versions - to which you'll get instant access!
What if I have questions about a class?
Ask! Every class allows for comments and questions. You can also login to Office Hours and ask questions live each month.
What if I am unhappy with the courses?
We never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your membership at any time, simply cancel your subscription. We never use long term contracts, specifically to ensure that you're happy with your membership.
What if I have questions about other topics?
Ask! We are constantly creating new courses, many of which are specifically created to answer questions from members like you.

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