How to Succeed in Network Marketing

Learn to Choose, Build & Scale an MLM Business and How to Take it to the Next Level

"Larry provides great advice with anecdotes that make everything he teaches easy to remember. I've been applying these tips to my own life, and passing along his advice to my friends and colleagues."

- Sohini Sircar

How to Succeed in Network Marketing

There's two questions you need to answer before starting an MLM business.

The way you're paid by an MLM is irrelevant. Don't worry about that. The company history - don't be concerned about that either. Half of them bought each other 20 years ago. It means nothing. The product details are also irrelevant. Don't pay attention to that.

The first question... Do you personally like and use the product?

The second question to answer... Your social circle, the people like and and want to be around - will THOSE people also like and want to use the product?

If you answer 'yes' to those two questions, you may have found the right MLM for you. If it isn't, don't worry. Move on - there are thousands of them out there.

REMEMBER » The Failure Rate for people starting MLM's is over 90%

Don't listen to when your MLM company tells you what to do!

You need to be DIFFERENT. Don't be part of the 90%.

Learn how to choose, how to build, how to grown your downline the right way!

Your Instructor

Larry Sharpe
Larry Sharpe

Meet Larry Sharpe - the Managing Director of the Neo-Sage® Group, Inc. He has trained hundreds of entrepreneurs, executives, leaders, lawyers and reps from companies around the world. He's spoken at venues across the US, Europe, Asia and has taught at some of the nations top universities.

Larry founded Neo-Sage® in 2004 and has been training top-tier professionals across many industries including: finance, law, technology, media, retail, real estate, luxury, government and healthcare.

Courses Included in this Series:

1. Choose an MLM
You're thinking about starting an MLM business? This lessons shows you...

  1. The 2 criteria for choosing your MLM
  2. Why you have to use your MLM products personally
  3. Why to IGNORE advice from your UPLINE

2. Start your MLM
When you've chosen your MLM company, it's time to get started. Don't start with your friends and family!!!!! This lesson shows you...

  • What's the #1 step after starting your MLM business
  • How to approach customers with Success Stories
  • How and why to "cherry-pick" your downline sales team
  • How & why to establish recurring revenue first

3. Grow your MLM
Now that you have some recurring revenue and a small, strong downline, it's time to begin growing. This lesson shows you:

  • Where & how to use social media and events to find customers
  • What to say when you meet potential customers
  • Whether to sign up new customers directly or through your downline
  • Exactly how many team members to keep in your downline

4. Make it BIG
At this point, you've chosen the right MLM, youi've built sales and your downline - . now it's time to learn the secret to making your MLM business REALLY BIG...

  • How & why to create a "product" outside your MLM product
  • Why to identify your personal strength
  • How to manage your downline with minimal effort
  • Why you've avoided friends & family until this point!

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