How to Act Like a Leader

Learn What It Means to be Good Leader and How to Lead with Confidence

What do students say?

"Larry has managed to capture the essence of leadership, and more importantly found a method to communicate that essence to all levels of management. The coursework is interesting, thought provoking, and interactive, filled with many "ah-ha" moments. I'm really glad I didn't let my skepticism get the best of me, as my interaction with senior management and subordinates has clearly improved."

- Mark Aarons, V.P. & Deputy General Counsel at Modell's

Business Growth & Sales Trainer

Larry Sharpe
Larry Sharpe

I’ve trained hundreds entrepreneurs, executives, leaders, lawyers and sales pro’s from companies around the world, from new startups to Fortune 500 companies. I’ve spoken venues across the US, Europe, Asia and taught at top universities.

I’ve worked with professionals in finance, law, technology, media, retail, real estate, luxury, government, healthcare and others, including:

In this series, you'll learn:

Course Details

1. How to Lead with Confidence

There are two critical elements in building confidence as a team leader - both your own confidence and your team's confidence in you. This course shows you...

  • How & why confidence is built on charisma & trust, and how to develop each
  • How to show charisma by sharing the spotlight, decision-making and authority
  • How demonstrating persistence & vulnerability builds your team's trust in you as a leader
  • How to share authority by letting team members run meetings
  • How to take bad ideas from team members and use them to create good ones
  • How to respond constructively when team members make mistakes
  • Why to mention team members by name when reporting to your own superiors

2. Leadership Styles

People often associate leadership styles with types of personality tests, but there are several disadvantages to this. A better way to considers styles of thinking in order to communicate and lead your team effectively. This course shows you...

  • How and why labeling someone with a personality type can harm both individual and team performance
  • The difference between Global & Analytical thinkers and how to lead both types
  • The difference between optimists & pessimists and how to create goals for each
  • How to communicate and lead a team with mixed types
  • Why to define the status quo first when determining goals
  • Why to give your team 'big picture' information first, followed by details
  • How to use hard deadlines plus tough questions to keep everyone motivated

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