Video Transcript

The first thing is your greeting and the greeting to the best of your ability should be that person’s first name along with your first name. If you don’t have their first name always try to get title if you possibly can, ask for title but if you get the person’s first name, that’s awesome. Try to say “Hi Bob, this is Larry over at.” That’s how you want to start your cold call. Not “Good morning Mr. Smith. The purpose of my call is.” You do that, I have already shut off and I’m ready to hang up. Instead “Hi, hello” whatever you would say “Good morning Bob. This is Larry over at Neo Sage.” “Hi Bob, this is Jane from Acme.” That’s your beginning sentence. The hope is if the person says “Do I know a Jane from Acme?” and they stay on the phone for a couple more seconds.

Your next step is some type of rapport item and that piece is critical. You have to have a rapport item and a rapport item is anything that connects you with that person. It could be a similar environment that you’ve been with. You both been in a certain school, you both been in a military, you both been to some place. It could be a trade show you both attended, it could be an industry you’re in, it could be a person you both know, it could be an event that you both know about like “We both have heard about this new law that came down.” “We both went to the same trade association.” “We are both members of this industry.” Something that brings you together in some way is your rapport item. So intro, rapport.

Third piece, a tough piece but so important is an obvious benefit, what are they trying to achieve. You’re going to talk not about what you do but what they’re going to get, what people like them are trying to achieve, some benefit.

So it’s something like this

“Hi Jane,it’s Larry over at Acme. Both of us are members of ABC Trade Association. A lot of people that are part of that association right now are they’re trying to achieve great growth through using XYZ Technology.”

Easy day. Next piece, and by the way technology is not your technology, it’s a technology in general, not pitching what you do yet, you’re talking about in general, what’s happening.

Your fourth step is a success story, how someone that they might know or heard of or are in there industry or similar size, how someone has achieved that benefit and it’s done in a three sentence format. The first sentence is the prime of the company the person had, the second sentence what you did or how it worked, what they did and the last piece is the benefit they achieved.

So something like:

“The Summit Company was able to do exactly that. They used XYZ technology and they also used the so and so computer system and they were able to get 10% growth last quarter.”

Something like that, some success story.

Now here comes the really important part and that is a reason to meet you whether they buy from you or not, this of all the pieces the most important. You don’t want to say what so many people say “I’d love to come show you my stuff” or “I’d love to come talk to you” or “It will be great if I could show you”. They don’t care about what you want or what you would do, it’s irrelevant.

Instead say something like, “We should have a quick conversation so you can ..."

“We should have a quick conversation so you can learn this, so you can see this, so you can understand how your competition is doing this, so you can see how you can grow.”

What you do not want to say “See how we’ve helped people.” That’s about you, it must be about them. You want them to see a benefit whether they buy from you or not, you’re going to teach them something, show them something, give them something, they’re going to get something no matter what they do, that is critical.

The final piece and that is asking for a commitment and it’s a commitment with two options, both yes.

  • “It’s great if you have sometime, this week or is next week better?
  • "Can we have a chat via phone or is it better for a stop by?"
  • "Do you want me to come to your office or do you want to come to my office?"
  • "Are you good before the holidays or after the holidays?”

In any case, its two options both yes, giving them choice and control but a little bit forward saying we should be meeting. Follow these general guidelines; go back and forth as you must, use your own personality and this is what will happen. Cold calling is brutal, you still going to have a lot of no’s but using this technique and this template, you will have a whole lot less of them.