Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Larry Sharpe and today we’re going to talk about how to leave a great voicemail.

Alright, so what we hear often from people is “voicemail is your time to pitch”. It’s got to be a good voicemail so that when they hear it they’ll think, ”Alright. Now I understand what you do so that I could make that phone call.” That’s false. Most people don’t even listen to voicemail anymore. If you walk down the hallways of most of the businesses today, you’ll see the light on, on the voicemail light on on all the phones. People are waiting for you to e-mail them or text them or follow up some other way. Voicemail sometimes checked only once a day or sometimes twice a day. So for you to assume someone’s going to listen to that voicemail and listen to your pitch, probably not going to happen.

So let’s assume that every once in a while they zip through their voicemail quickly, boom, boom, boom. If that’s the case, you want your voicemail to be very specific. You want it to be short, you want it to be urgent, and you want it to be vague. Yes, urgent and vague. The more detail you put into a voicemail, the less chance they want to call you back. The less urgent it is, the less chance they want to call you back. The odds that I won’t call you back anyway, that’s just how most, what happens at most voicemails. But if I at least remember you, when you call back at that point, I’ll take your phone call.

So here’s your template. First part of your voicemail, someone says “You reach the voicemail of Jane Doe, please leave a message.” You’re going to say, “Jane!”. You’re going to start your voicemail with that person’s first name. Announce the name, Jane! Bob! Whoever the name is, something to get their attention. Because of course when you check your e-mail you say “Oh e-mail. Oh, I’m so happy!” No you don’t, right? No one does. Check their e-mail, they’re going to their e-mail, check their voicemail, checking anything else, they’re talking to people, they’re doing all kinds of things when they press that button for voicemail. So you announcing their name over sudden now, their attention, “Do I know this person? Should I pay attention? Should I listen?”

The next part of your voicemail is going to be a sentence that is both vague and urgent with the word like “need”, “should”, “must”, “got to”. However, you would say and however, you would show urgency. “We need to talk about so and so.” “We should discuss blah, blah, blah.” Let’s say you’re selling a service that affects that person’s marketing. You might want to say something like “Jane! We should talk about your marketing.” “Jane! We need to talk about your marketing.” Whatever the case may be, something urgent, something vague.

Then, who you are. You may not use “my name is”. You must only use either “this is” or “it’s” for more familiar, and only your first name not your last name, “So, this is Larry of Neo Sage.” “It’s Larry over at Neo Sage.” Something just like that, friendly, first name, who you are. So again, “Jane! We should talk about your marketing. It’s Larry over at Neo Sage.”

Then you’re phone number in a very specific synced way. Area code, nice long pause, very long pause, extended pause, then the next three and the next four. So, “Jane! We need to talk about your marketing. It’s Larry over at Neo Sage. 212 123 4567.” Click! Hang up, perfect voicemail. You do not need to say the phone number twice.

Let’s assume you’re going to have a seven minute spiel and you don’t want them to replay it because you’re phone message is ten minutes long of course. But if your phone message is just a couple of seconds, one time is enough. Not just that, you’ve said 212, what that person do? They want to grab their pen or their pencil, right? So hopefully, they’re writing that number down. And the perfect case scenario when that happens is

Caller: "Jane!"
Recipient: Hmm, who’s this person?
C: "We’ve got to talk about your marketing.
R: What about my marketing?
C: "It’s Larry over at Neo Sage."
R: Do I know Larry at Neo Sage?
C: "212"
R: Hmm..
C: "123 4567"

Home run for you. If that happens, best chance is they’ll actually write your number down, maybe even call you back, I hope so. But even if they don’t call you back, when they get the voicemail from you again, one day they’ll get the message from their assistant, when they get an e-mail from you, they will remember that voicemail and a chance to reply, talk to you, you’ll get that one on one.

So remember, name, vague, short, who you are, first name, phone number. One time, long pause.

“Jane! We need to talk about your marketing. It’s Larry over at Neo Sage. 212 123 4567.”

This is not magic, over suddenly everyone’s not going to call you back, here’s what I promising you, use this technique and you will have more people calling you back. If you only have a 5% return, it will be 10. If you have 10%, it could be 15 or 20. You will get more people returning your phone calls using this method.

Good luck.